Monday, August 15, 2011

Galactic Warrior Initiative Classified Document 01

This is a fan art I made for Combatron. This is my own rendition of Combatron. I did not change anything on his look cause I like to stay as close to the original look as possible. I just added some "twists". I've made it look like a classified document, complete with a tag at the bottom saying "this is a classified document; public distribution is strictly prohibited" and a Galactic Warrior Initiative official seal on the bottom left. I've also included some information about Combatron, including his birthday, age, and personal background. I made his age 12 cause he is in fact just a boy in a suit of armor, but he is also not too young. His birthday, September 12, is something I based on the first post on this blog. I've searched high and low and I can't find the release date of the Funny Komiks issue when he debuted. If you can't read the details on the pic, just zoom it, that's the biggest font it can get. Anyway, I hope you like it. Thanks. :D

PS. The History section is something I copied from the internet ( I just changed some words.


  1. bro kasal c combatron k metalica kaya d na xa 12 yo...

  2. Haha.. Dream sequence lang yun diba? Pero gusto ko lang sana mag-stick sa intro na sabi bata pa siya. Anyway, di naman official to so dont worry. :D